We set environmental objectives and constantly improve our products in a way that would make the production and use of these products safe for the environment. 

Management and employees commit themselves to use the means and materials at their disposal in view of the preservation of environment. Further focusing on employee’s mentality in order to improve upon pollution prevention and cleaner production.

Safety and health of people are of great importance in our business activity and it is our duty to comply with all environmental legislation and regulations of the Republic of Estonia and European Union.

We make sure that the personnel of our company are aware of environmental issues and solutions to these issues. We ensure the availability of information on environmental impacts to all interested parties.



At Horizon Tissue the quality standards are of prime importance. It must be ensured that finished products are tested, all tested parameters to match with our general specifications. Any pack that is below standards to be qualified as second quality product.

By quality it is not meant only high product quality, but Horizon should also observe the deadlines and terms agreed with the customers are met with, to ensure customer satisfaction.

We analyze the efficiency of our quality management system in order to continual improve it.

Horizon Tissue